Published Papers

How Did Absentee Voting Affect the 2020 U.S. Election?. With Jesse Yoder, Sandy Handan-Nader, Andrew Myers, Toby Nowacki, Daniel M. Thompson, Jennifer Wu, Andrew B. Hall. Science Advances 7.52 (2021)

Working Papers

Are Dead People Voting By Mail? Evidence From Washington State Administrative Records. With Jennifer Wu, Hanna Folsz, Sandy Handan-Nader, Andrew Myers, Toby Nowacki, Daniel M. Thompson, Jesse Yoder, Andrew B. Hall

Campaign finance vouchers do not reduce donor inequality. Revise and Resubmit at American Political Science Review


Campaign Contributions Database for Local Elections. This database contains campaign finance records for mayoral and city council elections for cities in over 25 states. Currently, this collection features cities with non-pdf online databases, populations over 100,000, and at least 5 years of campaign finance records. Some smaller cities are also included subject to data availability. This is a working project, and I will expand this database as resources permit. My database expansion priorities include increasing the scope of municipalities to smaller cities and county governments, and increasing the scope of represented offices beyond executive and legislative local seats. If you are interested in this data, please email me.

Round Valley Sno-Park at Stanislaus National Forest

Upper Cathedral Lake at Yosemite National Park

Ozette Loop at Olympic National Park