Kahana Valley in O'ahu, near my hometown of Lā'ie

I am a PhD candidate in Political Science at Stanford University. My research lies at the intersection of elections, campaign finance, participation, and representation within American states and municipalities. Methodologically, my research frequently involves the collection and processing of administrative data in tandem with careful descriptive work and causal inference. My dissertation is about campaign finance in the United States. 

My work is published in the American Political Science Review and Science Advances. I am grateful to be supported by The Russell Sage Foundation and the Stanford Graduate Fellowship. 

I completed my BS in Economics and Statistics and BA in Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Before pursing a PhD, I worked in actuarial consulting. 

In my spare time, I can be found exploring the American West, rock climbing, hanging out with my polydactyl cat named Natalie, and quoting zingers from early seasons of The Simpsons

I can be reached at [firstname] @stanford.edu 

My CV can be found here